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A historical mix of experience and knowledge.

The History of Ulster Maid

Ulster Maid is an historical ice cream manufacturer and supplier working out of the heartland of Northern Irelands dairy industry, Ballymena. For over 40 years they have produced ice cream to meet the demands of a thriving service industry throughout the island of Ireland.

Ulster Maid dates back to the early 1960s where founder, Brian Johnston produced ice cream and sold it to merchandisers throughout the island of Ireland. Today Ulster Maid is still producing its quality, freshly produced ice cream products in a range of sizes and flavours to a wide range of clients.

Manufacturing Ice Cream

The manufacturing process of Ulster Maid ice cream is steeped in history and craftsmanship. Using traditional tools to pasteurise, they have refined their process to deliver the smoothest and most flavoursome range of products.

To Ulster Maid, ice cream is a delicacy that should be enjoyed by all. For this reason they have created a No Added Sugar range of products that is perfect for those on low sugar diets and children.

Looking Forward with Ulster Maid

Today Ulster Maid is expanding deeper into its traditional market roots in hospitality and education authorities with a range of new products such as the 110ml - larger than average vanilla cups. Furthermore Ulster Maid is advancing the delivery of products to the whole of the UK and Europe.

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